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tv   Headline News  RT  August 8, 2014 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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u.s. fighter jets strike islamic state positions near the iraqi city of jeddah bill president obama said that the operation would only go ahead if americans were in danger. ukraine says it could cut the transit of russian gas through its territory as part of economic sanctions against moscow potentially affecting e.u. states that heavily depend on russian energy this winter. the army begins to surround the eastern ukraine largest cities with shells hitting residential areas hospitals and churches moscow's already providing aid to children injured in the conflict zone also.
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more clashes between palestinians and israeli soldiers but this time it's in the west bank later we'll report from the heart of the unrest. welcome my name is the harvey and you're watching r.t. international. the us is carried out airstrikes against the islamic state fighters near the iraqi city of irbil president obama had said that he would only authorize the military operation as a last resort if the hardest attack the kurdish area where u.s. personnel are deployed and see a church has the details. despite putting an end to the iraq war being central to obama's election campaign promises six years ago we're seeing u.s.
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warplanes return to the airspace over iraq to carry out air strikes to target isis and al qaeda affiliated groups that has been ravaging through the northwest of the country control of multiple towns and cities forcing two hundred thousand people to flee we do know that two f. eighteen fighter jets have dropped five hundred pound laser guided bombs near. the kurdish province capital and another action that the u.s. has been carrying out is humanitarian relief air drops to provide the trapped people with water and food and we do know that of course the u.s. president has said that boots on the ground in iraq again are not an option but it has to be said that back in june three hundred special forces troops were sent back into the country to assess the situation and remain there we also know that the u.s. considers these latest airstrikes legal because they had received requests for help from the iraqi government and also because they see the situation unraveling on the
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ground as a threat to u.s. national security but of course these latest airstrikes are seen as a very slippery slope with the united states have been involved on the ground for so long. and now being the fourth u.s. president in a row to order military action in the country. ok for more perspective on this list speaking to middle east journalists. much for joining us president obama quite clearly that these strikes would only happen if u.s. personnel. do you believe what he said that this is the only reason. well it is a reason i suppose they have a consulate in our building has military personnel in albion but we should not forget that in this area you know in the area between mosul and we have all fields which had been taken by the peshmerga after the tenth of june when isis entered
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into mosul and now the peshmerga i had to withdraw from this area so probably it has to do with these oil fields as well we heard that western oil company has told their personnel to withdraw from the area so this is probably another point why they are interfering now what about other targets how how particularly targeted you think we strong. well i said that. hit movable artillery. positions. possible that they are targeted but of course the whole problem cannot be solved by targeted air strikes and in any case it is an area which is inhabited by many people also civilians and civilian infrastructure will be hit as well it's pretty clear i think that islamic
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state of moving fairly swiftly across the country their influence is growing and spreading fear across the country i think it's fair to say toward extend do you think america can counteract that. tools stop isis and you have to do many things first before you have to stop the sources which our family says you have to stop the sources from where they come and us closer to do something in the political area you have to find a political solution for iraq for the political problems inside iraq and don't forget that they are also very active in syria so many things have to get done and two air strikes are several air strikes will not solve anything ok at this point i'd just like to quickly take a look at the financial implications of any conflict that if we look back at the the the previous war in iraq the white house spent
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a huge one point seven trillion dollars on the whole ordeal last time out that's every second of the occupation costing american taxpayers five thousand dollars deploying just one u.s. soldier costs three hundred fifty thousand dollars and billions in pension payments they are still yet to be paid to war veteran so all in all it was an extremely expensive all deal for the u.s. for the government and especially for the people do you think that american taxpayers will be willing to do this all over again. no i don't think so ready to pay for this for another military adventure in iraq again and president obama i'm pretty sure he understood this he said he is a president who will take out the troops from iraq and he will not be ready to send them back in again i think it's internal pressure what makes him do this now with the airstrikes and at the same time they are trying to get other people involved
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they tried to get the matter in was now they are talking about bringing more weapons to the kurdish fighting groups not only the case peshmerga in northern iraq but also to the kurdish groups like. from the p.k. you know the fighters so i think they want to get other people involved to fight this war against isis of the last iraq war it left a deep sectarian divide a dire economic situation in iraq is there a danger do you think that the u.s. intervention in these airstrikes could actually aggravate and make that situation worse that's what we've seen over the last ten years i mean since the american troops and other troops invaded iraq in the first place in two thousand and three they were not able to find a political solution and all the military involvement to our new army in iraq or to our other groups all this has aggravated the situation people
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are fleeing by the thousands and millions we have so many refugees all over the area and another military adventure our strike in this area will definitely aggravate the situation. in the thoughts of current middle east journalist thanks so much for joining us this evening. now ukraine could block the transit of russian gas to europe as part of a set of economic sanctions against moscow approved by parliament the measures are far from a done deal yet but the possibility was outlined by ukraine's prime minister. joins us now with the very latest area what exactly could this mean for russia and in particular for its european gas customers. well that would just mean that russia will not be able to. ship the gas that it is exporting to europe now of course it will damage russia's gas shipments in some way but we should look at the
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implications that it will have for it to europe in customers because roughly one third of european gas exports are coming from russia and of course countries have a variable dependency on it but when we're looking at central eastern and some of the southern european countries they are getting from anywhere from where than fifty percent of their gas to almost hundred percent of their gas supply from russia via ukraine and that means that supply is cut off because of ukraine sanctions it means we're looking at a repetition of what already happened several years ago during the so-called gas war when ukraine essentially closed the shipment of russian gas to europe and a lot of european countries have found themselves out in the cold literally and proverbially of course and we can assume that what ukraine is trying to achieve with these actions is to follow in the footsteps of the e.u. and the united states who have opposed sanctions on russia but in reality what it seems to be doing really is damaging the situation. where its european neighbors
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are concerned and not so much really affecting russia. ok thanks so much for joining us live there or corresponds or joining us from kiev and we can get the thoughts of political smarties dog now who says the past experience shows which countries are likely to be the worst hit. ukraine is then targeting more the european union and energy security for its eastern member states then russia because as we saw in two thousand and nine. was slovakia. and partially other countries i seeing that this proposal will never get to reality since the pressure from brussels by commission and other actors from the national states will stop this proposal by yes in york. or the south
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stream pipeline that's currently under construction remains one possible route for russian energy supplies of around ukraine its construction however was frozen by bulgaria in june after brussels said that it didn't comply with the e.u. regulations will go itself is highly dependent on russian gas supplies which make up more than ninety percent of its domestic consumption oil transit would also be affected by a possible ukrainian blockade the russian oil company trans the after offered a sure and says that it will be able to fulfill most of its obligations one option will be to redirect the flow to another branch of the pipeline network through the roofs instead of ukraine the company spokesman said a ban would hit hungary slovakia and the czech republic the hardest. now the danger of an energy blockade comes with some e.u. countries already braced for an economic hits they fear that they could lose billions of euros because of russia's ban on food imports russia is blocking
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imports of meat fruit vegetables and some dairy and fish products for the period of one year of european agriculture will take the brunt and some farmers in exporters are demanding to be compensated for their losses. there's some in there now it's going to affect us all for us it will take two or three months to collect all remaining crops of oranges and we don't know what will happen if no one buys them and if there isn't a sufficient market prices will go down and we don't know if we can cover the costs of production because it is so expensive. then i should put it but it's a disaster for my company will need to stop production the money will receive without imports to russia won't even be enough to pay for the buses that bring our staff to work. now some estimates suggest that the ban could cost the finnish economy as much as one billion euros mostly from dairy exports elsewhere the german trade union that deals with whole sale of foreign trade said the ban posed
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a risk to the whole economy in greece the opposition party said is accused the current government of hurting farmers and in ireland the midst of agriculture said that there was real worry particularly regarding cheese exports which were valued for the half million euros in twenty thirteen they are just a few of the voices in europe who believe that their countries can't afford to lose a key trading partner. russia has been a strategic partner for greece in many foreign and food export. products brussels got a lot still in that the out from the economic decrease of exports for greece or other countries greece has a. history of for additional good ties with russia and we should continue on that road. market and so us to discuss some of non political you. are. trying to. push.
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on the political to. be. honest. so i can see a reasonable budget that kind of pursues. a resolution calling for all sides to accept a cease fire at the site of the malaysian plane crash in eastern ukraine has been blocked at the u.n. security council the countries who refused to accept the document put forward by moscow wanted antigovernment forces blamed in the wording professor bruno diversity from the national institute of eastern civilizations believes it's all part of a well planned campaign against russia. very concerned. and inquiry about the incident of the accident of the malaysian play plane but most obviously united states don't want to cooperate on that field and they don't give the information they have they don't want to communicate they just want to
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make pressure. against russia unfortunately the the members of the security council some members of the security council reacted in their typical way. being adamantly against any kind of criticism of the ukrainian authorities even though where we case of. attempted violation of twenty one sixty six you know ukraine is now a playground. for western countries but they're specially for united states against russia and i don't think they are very. interested in. human rights question in ukraine you know it's double standard all the time the united states defending human rights in countries they don't like but they don't defend them in countries which are their ally so since kiev government is pro-american it's obvious they were not different human rights in ukraine i can
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tell you that kiev now says it will extend the cease fire near the flight m.h. seventeen crash site but only after it receives an official request from international investigators heavy fighting continues in eastern ukraine as the army pushes into the two biggest cities in the area and we will have more on that have to see after this short break. i'm abby martin the stories we cover here you're not going to hear any rights of our big story the extra headlines and talk there's a reason they don't want you to. point to reset. now let's break the set they just want to keep building the allowing saudi arabia qatar and iran to fund millions and millions of pounds worth of the building of mosques in this country where they have them addresses where current we have one
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hundred thousand four to sixteen year old children who have been schooled in these mature assets which is encouraging complete non integration within the society. choose your language. of choice make it with zero in a financial plan to stay still for the next six weeks later though i'm just too lazy to succumb to choose good use that concerns get to. choose the opinions that invigorating. choose the stories that impact the life choose me access to your office or. welcome back a photo correspondent working for the russian breeder navas the agency has reportedly been detained by ukraine's national guard the agency said that under a stand in who disappeared in the east of the country three days ago is now in the
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hands of the security service although kiev denies that it's jenin was last heard from on tuesday when he sent photos from the region of first communication disruptions were blamed for the loss of contacts he's been working all over the restive regions where several reporters have been killed or abducted just two weeks ago a british journalist who filed a number of reports for r t was snatched by security services he was held for three days and says that he was beaten and tortured before being thrown out of ukraine. ukrainian army is moving in on the largest cities in the country's east in an attempt to crush the anti-government resistance there military officials say that they are readying troops to fight in the streets of down yet and lugansk as part of the next phase to take back control of the rest of regents our correspondent has more. ukraine's national security and defense council has confirmed that the army is currently preparing to regain control over the major cities in eastern ukraine
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it is also now confirmed by the officials of what kiev calls its antiterrorist the region this part of the country they spokes person has said that the military will take the city center towns and the villages street after street building after building without specifying which city will come first saying that it will either be dead or lugansk these are big cities of course with these promises from cave to intensify the attacks concerns are that they could be even more civilian deaths in less than four months of the operation in ukraine more than one thousand people have already been killed ordinary civilians we just couple of days ago visited this city all the guns can resell very dramatic picture on the ground many have already the town but many are still inside and they're hiding in their basements they're living under constant shelling and they're mostly women children horsey
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and old this is the situation now in ukraine. moscow is receiving refugees through the floods the combat zones of east ukraine a number of children badly hurt in the fighting of now arrived in the russian capital but many more remain stranded under far as cochon of reports nine c. very ancient children have arrived this morning to moscow from dying is now a number of ambulances were waiting for them here at the city really station and we do know that two of those children were injury during the bombing since the city there was one four year old boy on board of this train in a young girl who was injured during the firefight all these children are in need of urgent medical help doctors who are company of them see that they only take those who can stay in the refugee camp and clean that only in that area there are over forty children in such condition they see they need a humanitarian corridor but so far the situation in that area remains too
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challenging to make that a possibility. at least forty palestinians have been wounded one seriously in fierce clashes with israeli soldiers across the west bank. israeli army used tear gas rubber bullets live. thousands of people staging protest against the military offensive in gaza palestinian protesters threw stones and fireworks at troops west bank skirmishes a number of times since the beginning of the month long conflict but this time up to ten towns including bethlehem and ramallah involved are we fear reports for r.t. from the heart of the disturbances. just behind me palestinian protesters are clashing with israeli troops here in the occupied west bank throughout the west bank today we've seen clashes between israeli troops and palestinian protesters
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throwing stones is. now the hamas movement throughout the occupied palestinian territories called for a day of rage today as on previous fridays during this latest israel gaza war. this is in the context of now more than a month's worth the fighting between israel and hamas and other factions in gaza well earlier today the operation by israel resumed. from gaza continued after the cease fire efforts broke down at least one palestinian civilian has been killed already as this operation has resumed a ten year old. mosque in central gaza in gaza city was killed mortally wounded by a head injury as a result of israeli strikes on a mosque and this is now the beginning of what some palestinians in gaza calling phase two of this most recent two thousand and fourteen gaza israel war some of the
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protests against the israeli operation have been far from pace full a string of incidents suggest an increase of anti semitism and attacks on jewish communities in different parts of the world parties were in a culture of takes a look. we've seen the tragic images. and the public outrage that followed. and now it appears that backlash has been directed at anyone who has any links to israel or judaism. there how do you know you are in sydney australia five teenagers were arrested for allegedly screaming and systematic abuse at a group of jewish school children as young as five. in the french city of toulouse police arrested a man for throwing fire bombs at a local jewish center in the danish capital copenhagen police had to disperse a pro israel rally fearing for the safety of those taking part in italy rome's
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historic jewish area has been transformed by graffiti and flyers covering shops and walls and even in berlin german protesters were seen barren and systematic banners and chants in hate slogans thousands of brits show up at each pro callous to me in a rally calling for an end to israel's operation and demanding the british government stop selling weapons to them foreign office minister baroness also quit calling david cameron's position on gods are morally indefensible others vent their anger more destructively. according to the metropolitan police and systematic crimes have doubled in london over the past year and these figures predate israel's a recent operation in gaza and officially it appears there's been an even sharper rises since the conflict began and jewish communities living here in the capital and beyond are now warning everyone to take extra care with over three hundred and systematic incidents recorded across the u.k.
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in the first half of the year including twenty two violent attacks their concerns are understandable while politicians scramble to find a peaceful way out of the israeli palestinian conflict there are many other issues which will need resolving too far away from gaza marina cost of our reporting from london for r.t. . some of the global headlines for you now starting with the spreading brake and now killed more than nine hundred sixty people in west africa it's been declared a threat to international importance for the world health organization was first detected in guinea in march and spread to sierra leone and liberia with some cases occurring in knowing geria there's no launches treatment or vaccine for a bowl and the case for tell it it tell. the right has been up to ninety percent. and elsewhere a volcano in ecuador has begun spewing lava and rocks it's been shooting plumes of ash into the sky over distances forests three kilometers since monday no injuries
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or deaths have been reported but all thought he's worn a more violent eruption is now likely. i'll be back with the latest news headlines hope to see at the top of the hour stay with us though here on our say next this politicking with larry king. waters do you have the palm of me because. i saw you spread all over and over this is the most toxic food you have in the whole. drama zones in the judicial inquiry furthermore those restrictions. really knows what's inside the feeling that.
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i was trained. in december two thousand and ten. more likely to be raped in college and in the real world. and unthinkable to that to each other when they knew each other i thought rape was a stranger in the precious. girl complaining about the son of an alumni who gives millions of dollars to the school why listen to somebody who's going to lose money at the school of schools that make money based decisions are much more common than they would ever admit publicly. do we speak our language from. all these programs and documentaries in arabic in school here on all t.v.
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reporting from the will talks to feel like peace interviewers intriguing story for you to. detroit arabic to find out more visit arabic don't call tito to call him. he's a leading advocate for the hispanic community in the claims the g.o.p.'s goal is to get meaner and nastier with immigrants yes democratic congressman luis gutierrez and he offers his outspoken take on the current crisis at the u.s. border and what president obama should be doing about it's all next on politicking . politicking on larry king joining us first from chicago u.s. representative lewis good vieira's democrat of illinois member of the house
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judiciary committee and a member of the house permanent select committee on intelligence we thank him for joining us the house passed two immigration bills on friday night did that did that surprise you congressman. so yes so little is fast yeah well yeah so little gets passed because it has been overwritten all over it i mean the president of the united states is very clear that he will veto these bills they knew that going in what that surprised me was how many members of the republican party who have spoken in favor of immigration reform this cited there but new position would be simply deport them all that there can't be a process in which we take people who have spent many many years in this country. have families and children and businesses here and and and want to remain here in this country that we can't get them right with the law that we have.


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